Translations from Italian and Spanish into English

Traduzioni dall’italiano all’inglese

Traducciones de español a inglés

How much does it cost?

If you have a single standard certificate for translation then the price will be $50 AUD and it will take around 2 days. TradTrans offers discounts for multiple documents, and the discount gets bigger the more pages you have (up to 40% off).

For non-standard certificates, and text documents such as academic transcripts and employment references, translation prices start at $25 AUD per 100 words, with a $50 AUD minimum. TradTrans will provide a fixed quote before confirming any assignment.

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How long does it take?

As a rough guideline, allow around one day per page. Most assignments will be returned to you within the week. TradTrans will alwaysprovide an estimated delivery time before confirming any assignment.

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Get a quote

For a full quote on Italian or Spanish translation services, please send an email to and attach a scanned copy or photo of your documents. TradTrans will respond within 24 hours with a fixed price quote and estimated delivery time.

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NAATI Certified Translator

Based in Melbourne, the heart behind TradTrans is Jacqueline Skewes – a NAATI Certified Translator from Italian and Spanish to English, with postgraduate qualifications in both Translating and Accounting.

  • NAATI certified translator from Italian to English
  • NAATI certified translator from Spanish to Englishausit-blue
  • AUSIT member
  • MASTER of Translation
  • CPA qualified
  • BACHELOR of Commerce

Jacqueline also holds NAATI Accreditation as a Professional Translator from Italian and Spanish to English (old category of accreditation superceded by Certified Translators as of 01 January 2018)

For jobs that require more than one translator, only NAATI accredited translators with similar qualifications will be used. Verify Jacqueline’s credentials online at the NAATI website with NAATI Certification number CPN1HU79Q and/or NAATI Accreditation number 82612


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